All in the trees
Tree House with 45m inclusive access ramp
Completed November 2017
Client: Private
Surrey, England
Brunswick East Coffee
A return visit to an antipodean cafe that 1985 projects fitted out when they first opened in 2014.
Spatial & furniture design for new extended site, project management
Completed January 2018
Dalston, London
Micro recycling centre
The studio is researching plastic recycling. How and what can plastic be recycle for? Systems and procedures of plastic re-use. We're in process of designing a micro recycling centre for public use. Watch this space! 
Hackney, London
Margate, Kent
The Datcha, Russia
Research project
November 2017 - ongoing
St Petersburg, Russia
Victorian terrace renovation
Previously split up into 10 bed sits, the house is being stripped back to one home with self contained guest space on the lower ground floor.
Project status: Live
Client: Private
Margate, Kent
Stamford X Studios, 8000 sq ft commercial studio space
Studio set up and spatial renovation, management
2014 - ongoing
Tenants: Rye London, Onwards, Armoury Film, Yoke Yoga, Play Forever
Hackney, London
All Is Well On The Western Front
40 square meter x 11 meter installation technical design & build
Client; Private
Completed November 2014
Peckham, London
Gillett Square Studios
Design, build and management of 2500 sq ft collaborative co working studio
2013- 2016
Dalston, London
Dutch barge renovation
Design, project management
Client- Private
Medway, Kent
Georgian house extension
Design and build
Client: Private
Suffolk, England